Welcome to our college

The College is named after the great poet Laureate of Ghumsur Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja, whose creative genius and poetic imagination enriched Oriya Literature and gave a distinct identity to the language itself. The sylvan background, the view of the century-old reservoir and

the shady mango grove provide an ideal atmosphere  for  healthy  academic  pursuit  and dissemination of knowledge. Distinguished scholars visit this college every year to rekindle and refresh the minds of the young students about Upendra Bhanja and Bhanja literature. This institution strives to maintain the dignified heritage of this place. The College, also pays tribute to the brave tribal chieftain Chakra Bisoyee, the freedom fighter by naming its hostel as Chakra Bisoyee hostel. Besides, this almamater is proud of its innumerable products who have....


  • The lamp, the Eternal symbol of wisdom and knowledge, has the motto of the college inscribed below it, (in Sanskrit) meaning lead me from falsity to truth an Upanishadic quotation which lays at the out set the aim and objective, this college stands for.
  • The Book at the left top, placed on a traditional lndian stand symbolises learning and culture, and the swords at the right stand for valour and the past military glory of this land.
  • The dam or the Reservoir at the bottom represents the harnessing of nature by men and forms the picturesque surrounding of the college.
  • At the base are inscribed the name of the college and the year of its establishment in Roman and Oriya script representing a world language and the language of the region.